How Most Churches in Park Ridge Improve Communication with SMS texting

Billions of unchurched people are using mobile phones and smart phones as a way to communicate with one another. SMS texting is just one of the many features provided by cellphones that enable us to send a message to our loved ones. Whether you admit it or not, you open SMS texts 90% of the time. From a communication viewpoint, communicating to billions of people (or a fraction of that) may seem impossible, but it’s not.

Mobile marketing strategies like text marketing will improve your church’s brand and presence on a local scale. Imagine if you have 100,000 potential church attenders lying around, sending them a text message about your activities and other incentives will definitely get them to come.


can help you with a plan to use SMS Text Messaging in your communication plan.

1.) One message for many– With a touch of a button, you can send one message to hundreds and thousands of members. Unlike email marketing, texts are read within 4 minutes after receipt, so it’s a definite guarantee that your church member will read your text whether they are on the toilet, stuck in traffic, or having a dinner the local bars.

2.) Response rates are higher– Because messages are opened within 4 minutes after received, the response rates of your church members are higher compared with emails. This allows you to act instantly on the people who opted-in through your message. These people are ready to buy or ready to become your visitor.

3.) Easy to work with– SMS Message marketing is easy and more economical than most other form of marketing . Churches that use SMS text marketing are able to monitor user response and make corrections when necessary. Despite the advancements made in mobile applications, SMS is still one of the most effective means of marketing.

4.)SMS marketing helps focus target — In conjunction with response rates being higher, churches have the ability to narrow down who their target audience are just by the people who opted in. The responses will also be used to gather information about what do you potentially want from your church, which will help you create a better and more targeted message in the future.

Mobile marketing, , is arguably one of the most efficient and most reliable marketing strategies that any church can use. After all, with billions of people using their cellular phones, it’s pretty hard to ignore that potential goldmine for leads, visitors, and traffic.

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